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7 Tips on How Keeping a Diary Will Help You Realize Your Creativity in Music

By | on 30, Nov 2022 |   Tips & Tricks

Keeping a diary can be fun, especially if you are doing it for the first time in your life. What’s more, it can be quite useful to you too for a variety of reasons. Of course, you will be able to impr[...]

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5 Online Resources for Learning Music

By | on 23, Nov 2022 |   Tips & Tricks

Music is known to have a unique and positive influence on people’s psyches and moods. Students are no exception to the rule. Research has shown that those who either perform music themselves or just l[...]

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5 Tips on How to Learn to Write Songs for Beginners

By | on 16, Nov 2022 |   Tips & Tricks

When you are determined to write a song, you should give yourself as much creative freedom as you can and listen to your heart as no person can tell you where to go or what direction to choose. Althou[...]

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Want Bigger Mixes? Use These 5 Stereo Widening Tips

By | on 02, Nov 2022 |   Tips & Tricks Music Production

A mix that's too narrow can sound constricted and two-dimensional. On the other hand, a mix that's too wide can sound scattered and lack focus.

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How Music Production Affects Your Physical and Mental Health

By | on 28, Sep 2022 |   Tips & Tricks Music Production

There are countless ways in which music can benefit your physical and mental health. Studies have shown that it can help to reduce blood pressure, improve your mood, and even weaken the effects of anx[...]

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Creating the Perfect Space for Productivity

By | on 31, Aug 2022 |   Tips & Tricks

Getting in the right state of mind when creating music can be difficult, especially if you don’t have the right space to feed your creativity and motivation. The environment you work in can significan[...]

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YouTube Shorts: A Brief Guide For Musicians And Artists

By | on 24, Aug 2022 |   Tips & Tricks Marketing

Want to promote your music or your art? Then look to YouTube.

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Personal Qualities You Need to Have a Successful Music Career

By | on 17, Aug 2022 |   Tips & Tricks

So, you want to become a famous musician and have your tunes become known worldwide?

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How To Write An Effective Musician Bio

By | on 10, Aug 2022 |   Tips & Tricks Marketing

If you are looking to get your music career off the ground, writing an effective musician bio is essential. A good bio will help you connect with potential fans and build a following, which can lead t[...]

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How To Make It As An Independent Artist

By | on 03, Aug 2022 |   Tips & Tricks Marketing

The music industry has always been fast-paced and making a name in it is seemingly reserved for an illustrious few. But every year, a few new independent artists break through to the scene, and one of[...]

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Complete Guide To Learning Music As An Adult

By | on 13, Jul 2022 |   Tips & Tricks

Music is a universal language, so it’s no wonder that so many people fall in love with that. Naturally, many parents want their children to study music theory, learn how to play instruments, and maybe[...]

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The Year in Music on TikTok 2022

By | on 01, Jul 2022 |   News

Are you searching for the most popular TikTok songs at the moment? We got your back. If you're a TikTok creator, knowing which songs are currently popular is crucial. This is due to the fact that a po[...]

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