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An Intro to Music Production In 2021: Part 2

By | on 03, Mar 2021 |   Tips & Tricks Music Production Tech Tips

In case you missed it, read Part 1 here. DAW A DAW stands for a digital audio workstation. Your DAW is the software where you record, produce, mix, and master all of your music. Each producer will hav[...]

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An Intro to Music Production In 2021: Part 1

By | on 26, Feb 2021 |   Tips & Tricks Music Production

“Do the difficult things while they are easy and do the great things while they are small. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” - Lao Tzu

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Top Music Production Subscriptions 2021

By | on 18, Feb 2021 |   Music Production Tech Tips Reviews

Every music producer has his or her taste when it comes to the music they love, and their unique style of music production. With a vast amount of Plugins, Synthesizers, and Samples out there it can be[...]

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Top Free Effect Plugins of 2021

By | on 03, Feb 2021 |   Download Lists Music Production EDM Scene Tech Tips Reviews

Building your library of tools as a producer is an essential part of the music production process. Knowing how and where to find the gear that works for you. There are plenty of high-quality plugins o[...]

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Top Free Synth Plugins to Check Out In 2021

By | on 28, Jan 2021 |   Music Production Tech Tips Reviews

It's no secret that music production can be less than kind to your bank account and when it comes to finding a synth you like it's difficult to see the full potential with a free trial. There are plen[...]

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Top Channels On Youtube For Music Producers 2021

By | on 15, Jan 2021 |   Tutorials EDM Scene

Whether you're just starting your music production journey, or maybe being a bit more advanced, learning new and better ways to improve yourself as a producer is always important. Some might see music[...]

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Top Production Tips For Better Work Flow

By | on 30, Dec 2021 |   Tips & Tricks Music Production

Running into writer or producers block can really stop a great piece of music in its tracks. We've all been there. Cant find the right drums for a record, having trouble with sound design, or just fin[...]

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The Best Free Audio Sample Packs For EDM

By | on 11, Nov 2020 |   Download Lists

Who doesn't like a good freebie? Welcome to the best FREE audio sample packs for EDM producers. Let's take a look at the what some of the best names have to offer.

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New Releases. Free VST Plugins For Electronic Music Producers (2020 / 2021)

By | on 27, Oct 2020 |   Download Lists

Welcome to an amazing list that is filled with the newest FREE VST plugins for creating electronic music.

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How To Prevent A Muddy Mix With Clean Frequencies

By | on 02, Sep 2020 |   Music Production

Often asked are the questions, “Why does my mix sound muddy?”. Why doesn’t it sound crisp?” The answers to these questions and resolving them are as simple as Equalizing frequencies. Perfecting this p[...]

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Make Synthwave With These Free VST Plugins & Audio Samples

By | on 26, Aug 2020 |   Download Lists

Synthwave. Known for its analog retro sounds, bass chugs, and rad neon aesthetics has been one of the hottest genres in electronic music. If you have been wanting to create your very own blend of synt[...]

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Free Audio Visualizers For YouTube Music Videos

By | on 19, Aug 2020 |   Tips & Tricks Music Production

Nothing can be a better representation of your music than when it has a good visual to go with it. If you have ever wanted to post your music to YouTube, we are going to cover some of the best audio v[...]

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