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The Ultimate List of Free Sample Based Synth Plugins

By | on 16, Jan 2020 |   Download Lists

Sampler based Synths operate on a database of samples. Rather than dialing your own sound using oscillators and filters, sampler based synths have already constructed the sound and placed it in the sa[...]

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Music Theory 101 For EDM Producers [Part 2 - Scales]

By | on 08, Jan 2020 |   Music Production

Welcome to Part 2 of Music Theory 101 for EDM producers. In Music Theory For EDM Producers Part 1 we covered learning notes, harmonics, and tonal qualities. Part 2 is all about scales. How they are fo[...]

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Top 5 Free Chord Generator Plugins

By | on 11, Dec 2019 |   Download Lists

With little to no knowledge of music theory, you could have access to the endless possibilities of chord options right at your fingertips. This comes in the form of a plugin integrated to work with yo[...]

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Top EDM Genres Loved By The Young

By | on 27, Nov 2019 |   EDM Scene

EDM genres are being well received by the youngsters. Their popularity has been proven through the frequency of our chatting with each other about good EDM songs, producers and artists.

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Music Theory 101 For EDM Producers [Part 1]

By | on 20, Nov 2019 |   Tutorials Music Production

A lot of producers struggle with chord progressions, scales, harmonies, and composing leads. This article will cover learning and memorizing notes as well as their placement and tonal qualities.

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The Ultimate Audio Sample Pack For Electronic Music Producers

By | on 06, Nov 2019 |   FL Studio Tips Tips & Tricks

........ is the one you make yourself. The stereotype that surrounded electronic musicians is that they are not “real” musicians. They are button pushers. Lacking skill in any type of music theory. Th[...]

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3 Quick Tips and Amazing Tricks For FL Studio 20

By | on 30, Oct 2019 |   FL Studio Tips Music Production

For newer users discovering some of the most useful functions in FL Studio has never been so easy. Even for the Pro’s out there, does trying to keep an organized workflow seem too time-consuming? Well[...]

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How to Give Your EDM Production More Energy

By | on 23, Oct 2019 |   Tips & Tricks Music Production

Energy is usually defined in terms of strength and power. We can apply these meanings to the EDM production context also.

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Edm Production: 5 essential tips for producing Electronic Dance Music

By | on 09, Oct 2019 |   Music Production

Since the advent of disco music almost 4 decades ago, electronic dance music has progressed in leaps and bounds. It has carved out a significant place for itself among the various other genres of musi[...]

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The Ultimate List Of Free 808 Bass Hits

By | on 02, Oct 2019 |   Download Lists

Upon its original release in 1980, the Roland TR-808 allowed you to sequence your own beats rather than push a button and hear a pre-loaded sample. Despite its success today, when it was released and [...]

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Sound Advice: Choosing The Best Sound Card or Audio Interface

By | on 25, Sep 2019 |   Music Production Tech Tips

This is the beef in your burger. Your Sound. You want it to be nothing short of amazing. In this article, we will walk through the specifications to look for in an internal sound card, USB mixer, and [...]

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The Best Computer For Audio Production - Build Your Own (Part 2)

By | on 11, Sep 2019 |   Music Production

Welcome to part 2 of “the best computer for audio production”. In this article, we will cover building a computer from the ground up. By the time you are done reading this, you will know what everythi[...]

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