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A Quick Guide To Mastering (With Plugins)

By | on 13, Apr 2022 |   Download Lists Tips & Tricks Music Production Tech Tips

For many producers - professional or bedroom - the mastering phase is the most crucial and exciting part of their creative process. At this stage, all compositions and arrangements have their place, a[...]

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Top Modulation Plugins 2022

By | on 30, Mar 2022 |   Download Lists Tech Tips

Modulation plugins are mostly responsible for creating defining characteristics to specific mix elements. Devices like EQ and compression generally build the framework of your mix, where modulation is[...]

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Top Piano/Keyboard VSTs 2022

By | on 26, Jan 2022 |   Download Lists Music Production Tech Tips

It’s safe to say that any aspiring composer or producer should have quick access to their own piano. Pianos and keyboards are some of the most useful tools to utilize for creating and developing arran[...]

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By | on 12, Jan 2022 |   Download Lists

Making music can sometimes be a slightly costly passion or pastime. Music producers are always trying to find the next best plugin or VST to get the most out of their mixes or compositions. While most[...]

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TOP VST's for Film Scoring

By | on 18, Nov 2021 |   Download Lists Tech Tips Reviews

Cinematic for InstaChord - WA Production Cinematic is one of the many expansions from WA Production for its InstaChord composer plugin. The InstaChord is an incredibly handy tool for score-makers look[...]

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Best VSTs for Recording Vocals At Home

By | on 10, Nov 2021 |   Download Lists Music Production Tech Tips Reviews

There are fewer sounds more satisfying to a producer or engineer than that of a well recorded vocal take. Lots of styles and genres of music rely heavily on vocals as their focal point, and a good tak[...]

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Top Free Effect Plugins of 2021-2022

By | on 03, Feb 2021 |   Download Lists Music Production EDM Scene Tech Tips Reviews

Building your library of tools as a producer is an essential part of the music production process. Knowing how and where to find the gear that works for you. There are plenty of high-quality plugins o[...]

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The Best Free Audio Sample Packs For EDM

By | on 11, Nov 2020 |   Download Lists

Who doesn't like a good freebie? Welcome to the best FREE audio sample packs for EDM producers. Let's take a look at the what some of the best names have to offer.

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New Releases. Free VST Plugins For Electronic Music Producers (2020 / 2022)

By | on 27, Oct 2020 |   Download Lists

Welcome to an amazing list that is filled with the newest FREE VST plugins for creating electronic music.

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Make Synthwave With These Free VST Plugins & Audio Samples

By | on 26, Aug 2020 |   Download Lists

Synthwave. Known for its analog retro sounds, bass chugs, and rad neon aesthetics has been one of the hottest genres in electronic music. If you have been wanting to create your very own blend of synt[...]

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Straight From The Source. The Best Places To Get Free VST Plugins.

By | on 29, Jul 2020 |   Download Lists

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EDM MIDI Mania. Free MIDI Loops For Every DAW

By | on 15, Jul 2020 |   Download Lists

A good way to learn a song by your favorite artist or to expand your creativity is through the use of MIDI files. MIDI files are digital footsteps, giving you access to chord progressions, note placem[...]

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