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Navigating the World of Digital Synthesizers: A Guide for EDM Producers

By | on 06, Mar 2024 |   Music Production Tech Tips

In the ever-evolving landscape of electronic dance music (EDM), digital synthesizers play a crucial role. Offering an array of sounds and functionalities, these instruments are key to crafting the uni[...]

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The Revolution of Spatial Audio: Transforming the Listening Experience in Music Production

By | on 13, Dec 2023 |   Music Production Tech Tips

Welcome to the cutting edge of audio technology: Spatial Audio. In an era where immersive experiences are increasingly sought after, Spatial Audio stands at the forefront, revolutionizing how we exper[...]

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A Quick Guide To Mastering (With Plugins)

By | on 13, Apr 2022 |   Download Lists Tips & Tricks Music Production Tech Tips

For many producers - professional or bedroom - the mastering phase is the most crucial and exciting part of their creative process. At this stage, all compositions and arrangements have their place, a[...]

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Top Modulation Plugins 2022

By | on 30, Mar 2022 |   Download Lists Tech Tips

Modulation plugins are mostly responsible for creating defining characteristics to specific mix elements. Devices like EQ and compression generally build the framework of your mix, where modulation is[...]

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Top Tips and Tools for Home Vocal Recordings

By | on 16, Mar 2022 |   Tips & Tricks Music Production Tech Tips

The modern age has allowed so many producers to create world-class records from the comfort of their homes. Even before the digital age, courageous creators have managed to produce and record timeless[...]

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Mixing for Virtual Orchestra

By | on 09, Feb 2022 |   Tips & Tricks Music Production Tech Tips

With the likes of heavyweight composers John Williams, Alan Silvestri and Hans Zimmer dominating the film-score landscape with their unique orchestral palettes the desire for great orchestral film sco[...]

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Top Piano/Keyboard VSTs 2022

By | on 26, Jan 2022 |   Download Lists Music Production Tech Tips

It’s safe to say that any aspiring composer or producer should have quick access to their own piano. Pianos and keyboards are some of the most useful tools to utilize for creating and developing arran[...]

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Mixing vs Mastering - What’s The Difference?

By | on 22, Dec 2021 |   Tips & Tricks Tech Tips

Mixing and mastering are two very different processes, used by engineers to make music sound more cohesive and professional. Many music producers/composers will create and arrange music, and then send[...]

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TOP VST's for Film Scoring

By | on 18, Nov 2021 |   Download Lists Tech Tips Reviews

Cinematic for InstaChord - WA Production Cinematic is one of the many expansions from WA Production for its InstaChord composer plugin. The InstaChord is an incredibly handy tool for score-makers look[...]

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Best VSTs for Recording Vocals At Home

By | on 10, Nov 2021 |   Download Lists Music Production Tech Tips Reviews

There are fewer sounds more satisfying to a producer or engineer than that of a well recorded vocal take. Lots of styles and genres of music rely heavily on vocals as their focal point, and a good tak[...]

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Top Guitar VSTs of 2022

By | on 28, Oct 2021 |   Music Production Tech Tips

Top Guitar VSTs of 2022 Modern music production has completely reshaped the way that we approach recording or composing instrumentation, and no more so than with the guitar. There has been a noticeabl[...]

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10 Plugins For a Radio Ready Vocal

By | on 09, Sep 2021 |   Tips & Tricks Tech Tips Reviews

When it comes to mixing, the best-sounding vocals do tend to result from a handful of top-tier plugins that are worth exploring for your collection. Knowing how and when to use these plugins can have [...]

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