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Differentiating Polyphonic and Monophonic In Synth and Arrangement

By | on 01, Jun 2022 |   Tutorials Music Production

You’re a musician (or aspiring to be one). You’re learning about music composition. But then you come across two terms: Polyphonic and monophonic. What are these two terms? And how are they significan[...]

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5 Tips for Creating Singable Lyrics

By | on 25, Aug 2021 |   Tips & Tricks Tutorials Music Production

As a songwriter, nothing is more rewarding than the prospect of writing lyrics that resonate so deeply with listeners, that not only do they memorize them but actually sing along. Singable lyrics are [...]

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Content Marketing As A Way To Promote A Song

By | on 12, Aug 2021 |   Tips & Tricks Tutorials Marketing

As an aspiring musician, your number one concern is probably about the way you can advance your career and become better at your job. On the other hand, becoming a good musician is not everything ther[...]

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Top Hacks on How to Mix Background Vocals

By | on 05, Aug 2021 |   Tips & Tricks Tutorials Music Production

Backing vocals aren't just a few more voices in a song. They have their own, quite definite task in the arrangement. In particular, backing vocals tend to add density to lead vocals in a complex tonal[...]

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Top Channels On Youtube For Music Producers 2021-2022

By | on 15, Jan 2021 |   Tutorials EDM Scene

Whether you're just starting your music production journey, or maybe being a bit more advanced, learning new and better ways to improve yourself as a producer is always important. Some might see music[...]

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Music Theory 101 For EDM Producers (Part 3 - Chords)

By | on 29, Apr 2020 |   Tutorials Music Production

On any forum, group, sub-reddit and chat related to the creation of electronic music there are typically several remarks from producers who either get stuck while working on a track, are asking for ad[...]

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Music Theory 101 For EDM Producers [Part 1]

By | on 20, Nov 2019 |   Tutorials Music Production

A lot of producers struggle with chord progressions, scales, harmonies, and composing leads. This article will cover learning and memorizing notes as well as their placement and tonal qualities.

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How To Get a Better Sound Using Filters

By | on 16, Aug 2019 |   Tutorials Music Production

Using an EQ and filters can help balance your mix and make it sound clean and clear. In EDM production filters can be your new favorite tool or they can wreak havoc on your mix. We will cover the anat[...]

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How To Use DAW Templates (FL Studio, Cubase, Logic, Ableton)

By | on 24, Jul 2019 |   Tutorials Music Production

WHAT ARE DAW TEMPLATES? DAW templates are created by professional producers and users like yourself. They are available for multiple purposes such as creating a specific genre, mixing, vocals, and eve[...]

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Layering Tutorial - Quick Tips For A Thicker Sound

By | on 25, Apr 2019 |   Tips & Tricks Tutorials Music Production

“How do I get a fuller, wider sound?” That is a common question within the community of electronic music producers. While each professional producer has their own formula, and there is no 100% right w[...]

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How To Understand Audio Quality Formats (WAV, MP3, FLAC)

By | on 06, Mar 2019 |   Tutorials Music Production

Getting ready to render your latest masterpiece away from its host file type and into something you can play online, in the car, or at home?

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How to create Snails’ Filthy Bass

By | on 13, Feb 2018 |   Tutorials

Have you ever wondered how the amazing producer Snails create his filthy and dirty bass lead?

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