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Quick Guide On Successful Music Marketing On TikTok

By | on 20, Apr 2022 |   Tips & Tricks Marketing

Are you a musician? Want to share your music with the world? Then you’re in luck!

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A Quick Guide To Mastering (With Plugins)

By | on 13, Apr 2022 |   Download Lists Tips & Tricks Music Production Tech Tips

For many producers - professional or bedroom - the mastering phase is the most crucial and exciting part of their creative process. At this stage, all compositions and arrangements have their place, a[...]

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Top Tips and Tools for Home Vocal Recordings

By | on 16, Mar 2022 |   Tips & Tricks Music Production Tech Tips

The modern age has allowed so many producers to create world-class records from the comfort of their homes. Even before the digital age, courageous creators have managed to produce and record timeless[...]

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Mixing for Virtual Orchestra

By | on 09, Feb 2022 |   Tips & Tricks Music Production Tech Tips

With the likes of heavyweight composers John Williams, Alan Silvestri and Hans Zimmer dominating the film-score landscape with their unique orchestral palettes the desire for great orchestral film sco[...]

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10 Tips For Promoting Your Music On Instagram

By | on 19, Jan 2022 |   Tips & Tricks Marketing

There are many social media platforms that are used to promote music. However, Instagram is a great platform for musicians to use since it provides a way for them to share their music with others and [...]

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Mixing vs Mastering - What’s The Difference?

By | on 22, Dec 2021 |   Tips & Tricks Tech Tips

Mixing and mastering are two very different processes, used by engineers to make music sound more cohesive and professional. Many music producers/composers will create and arrange music, and then send[...]

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Songwriting: 5 Elements Of A Memorable Song

By | on 15, Dec 2021 |   Tips & Tricks Music Production

As a musician or singer, songwriting likely plays a big role in your success as an artist. Of course, you can always work with experienced songwriters to create your musical pieces, but it’s always be[...]

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Ableton - 6 Tips To Improve Your Live Performance

By | on 24, Nov 2021 |   Tips & Tricks

Ableton Live has completely overhauled the way a lot of live musicians approach their live sets. A strong and memorable live performance takes a combination of skill, practice, and preparation, and mo[...]

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Content Distribution: How To Use For Song Promotion

By | on 03, Nov 2021 |   Tips & Tricks Marketing

There are various types of art that nourish our lives with inspiration and positive emotions, and music is one of the most popular ones. Famous and not very well-known singers distribute music on popu[...]

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12 Fundamental Mixing Tips

By | on 20, Oct 2021 |   Tips & Tricks Music Production

Effective audio mixing can turn a good song into a great song, and a great song into an instant classic. Many engineers know that the key to building quality mixes consistently comes down to a combina[...]

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10 Plugins For a Radio Ready Vocal

By | on 09, Sep 2021 |   Tips & Tricks Tech Tips Reviews

When it comes to mixing, the best-sounding vocals do tend to result from a handful of top-tier plugins that are worth exploring for your collection.  Knowing how and when to use these plugins can have[...]

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5 Tips for Creating Singable Lyrics

By | on 25, Aug 2021 |   Tips & Tricks Tutorials Music Production

As a songwriter, nothing is more rewarding than the prospect of writing lyrics that resonate so deeply with listeners, that not only do they memorize them but actually sing along. Singable lyrics are [...]

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