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3 Ways To Start Writing A New EDM Song Today


Never again will you sit and stare at a blank screen wondering how to get started writing your next electronic dance music song. By using any one of the three steps below your creativity will be unleashed. Best of all, by eliminating the pressure of “having” to compose a song, you’ll find yourself actually having fun. We do warn you, once you get started you may not want to stop.



Get started by making good use of your downtime by setting yourself up to be ready when inspiration hits. This can be done by designing a template. It’s not as hard as you think.

No matter what DAW you use, simply load up the sounds and plugins that you use the most. Choose a color scheme and start labeling, grouping, assigning to mixer tracks, and make any panning or volume adjustments.

While this is a tedious task, it will ensure the next time you want to just sit down and get to it, you won't have to spend time loading everything up. You can just jump right in and get started.



We all make music because at one point or another we heard a song that ignited a fire within us. This step has 2 parts.

The first part is to listen to any song that you would like. Load up your DAW with the tempo of the track. While you are listening to the song, throw in your own variations. Things that you would do differently.

The sounds don’t need to match. You don’t even have to re-work the entire song. Follow the drums. Would you change up the hi-hat pattern? Whatever it is that stands out, change it.

The second part is to take on a remix. This can be done through various means.

Typically stems of the track are offered in WAV format. Making these options universal for any DAW that can import WAV format.

DAW templates are DAW specific. They are preloaded with presets native to your DAW. They also come with a project file.

No matter what route you take, these options allow you to make something your own. It is in these instances you will find a flood of ideas come to you for your future projects.



Open up your DAW. Add a sound. Any sound. If you are at a loss, go ahead and load up a hi-hat. Open an effect to throw on it. Run down the list of effects that you have. Run through all of the presets. The idea is not to apply an effect that would typically be used for that instrument.

Throw a vocoder on it. Run through the presets. When you find a sound that you like. Render and save it. Then continue.

Crank the effect parameters up to 10, all across the board. Then slowly deduct different options. There is no doubt you’ll end up with some crazy sounds. But, you’ll also be surprised by the sounds you end up with that end up inspiring you to, put a beat behind it, or maybe a synth sound will pop into your head.

Just roll with it. It will happen. And you’ll have some fun doing it. You’ll never stare at a blank screen again.

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