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5 Tips on How to Learn to Write Songs for Beginners

When you are determined to write a song, you should give yourself as much creative freedom as you can and listen to your heart as no person can tell you where to go or what direction to choose. Although we may have examples of skilled music producers that have guided our beloved bands and artists in the past, it often takes away from creativity because you have to find your inner voice first and do what feels right to you. Since you are the only person who can determine the quality of the song, there are still certain writing techniques that will help you to match composition standards and reflect the style that you would like to follow.

Of course, it does not mean that you cannot create something totally new or set a new genre based on what you would like to provide. The trick is to include the classic elements of songwriting, especially if you are a beginner and doing something for the first time. Following the songwriting concepts correctly will help you to become skilled and more professional as you grow and improve your songwriting skills.

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5 Tips on How to Learn to Write Songs for Beginners

1. Mind the Song Structure

Regardless of the genre or the length of your song, it’s always helpful when you start with the basic structure. While you do not have to follow the typical “verse-chorus-verse-break-chorus” pattern, you must create a special intro that will inspire the listeners. This will relate to the musical or the sound design part of your song. It’s especially relevant to electronic music styles where you have to keep people on their toes as they are waiting for what’s to come next. You can explore more progressive song structures and follow your rock heroes of the past, yet each part of your song must be there for a reason!

2. Focus on Your Lyrics

The lyrics play an important part in writing a song unless you are dealing with an instrumental. The words must tell a story and follow an idea that you have in your mind. You can even talk about environmental problems or discuss difficult subjects like domestic abuse as long as you turn it into an emotional song that provides a solution and highlights a certain issue. You can even try a graduate paper writing service and ask skilled specialists to assist you with the poetic part or the proofreading if you want to turn something into a song. Let your imagination flow and stay true to what you believe in!


3. Chords and The Melody

Even though you may not know your scales yet and words like Dorian or pentatonic might not make sense, you already know that there are certain chords and melodies. If you know that someone sings off-key or that an instrument isn’t tuned, you will already have the right idea. Now, when you write a song, you have to focus on the chords and the melody that fits the rhythm part. You can also start with the beat or a sampled percussion part to get the right vibe as you start with the chords or choose them based on the melody that you have.

4. Editing and Mastering

If you want to compose something outstanding, take your time to brainstorm what you have created and apply some editing. It is especially relevant to those cases when you work in the field of electronic music or already know how to edit the parts in a multitrack environment. This is where editing and mastering come in! If you are writing memorable song structures, you also have to process the sound to let it shine and to avoid drowning the vocal part or the background pads in the final recording mix.

5. Simplicity is The Key!

Not many music producers will tell you about it but keeping things simple is often the way to songwriting success. Just listen to the famous tracks that you love and try to break down or separate the parts of a song. You will instantly notice how the melody line only makes sense when it’s paired with the other instruments or how the words make things powerful. Start by asking yourself about the performance aspect of a song or being able to play the song on guitar or piano alone because there must be something that makes it recognizable and unique.


Presenting Your Idea Correctly or Why Production Skills Matter

When you are a beginner and making your first steps in the world of songwriting, the most important is to learn the basic tricks on how to record or write down your song correctly. Starting from the free notation software solutions to the use of DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) and voice recorders, you must learn how to capture the idea by simply recording with a microphone or creating electronic beats. When you have a great song in your mind but you present it in poor quality, it will not give people an idea regarding what you have created.

Of course, if you are in a hurry and your time is extremely limited, you must have the voice recorder always by your side where you can hum the words, sing the melody, or play that amazing guitar or piano lick that suddenly came up in your head. The secret trick is to capture inspiration when it strikes and gradually learn how to do it correctly the way they do it in professional studios. The sooner you learn how to do it, the better your final results will be!

Author Bio: Olivia Evans is an educator who loves to travel, play her Spanish acoustic guitar, and sing by the campfire. As she explores the world, Olivia focuses on the best ways to learn as she shares helpful tips and ways to achieve creative success. Follow Olivia to follow your inspiration and make complex things fun and easy.

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