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5 Ways to Make Song-Writing Process More Efficient

Is there ever a time when you sit in your studio trying to write or finish music but at the end of the time you realize that you haven’t accomplish what you have planned earlier before the session?

I hate when that happens because the amount of work I have put in is not equivalent to the output for my hard work.

Sometimes, it is not that you are not working hard enough. It’s that you working smart while working hard at the same time.

Hence, I want to share with you guys the top 5 tips that I use to accomplish more during my music writing session.

1. Disable Internet Connection

Disable Internet

One way to be fully focused on what you are doing is to avoid distractions. Internet is full of distractions as there are indefinite amount of contents up there for us users to explore. For instance, when you open Facebook, you’ll scroll through a bunch of videos about cats, dogs or even pranks and read statuses from your long lost friend. Imagine that you watch like 5 videos and read 5 Facebook statuses at that moment, you’ll waste approximately 20+ minutes doing other things rather than focusing on your music.

2. Organize Sample Library

Organize Sample Library

This tip is so important that you’ll feel its immediate effect after doing it. Some producers like me like to collect lots of sample packs and we’ll just drag them into the music production folder so that we can start using them. After some time, we’ll collect hundreds of packs and it’ll be time consuming to find desired sample since it’s a mess in there. You do not want to spend 30 minutes just to find a perfect kick drum for your song. Organize them!

3. Have A Vision

Have a Vision

I have gone through a situation where I finished writing a melody and do not know what to do about it. Then, we’ll just save the melody somewhere in the computer and forget about later on. Try to have a vision for the melody and see where will it bring you. Is it good for a melodic track or a bass heavy track or a chill track? Have a sense of direction for the melody which you just wrote so that you know what and how to continue writing the music.

4. Implementing Reference Track

Reference Track

This tip works well with the tip #3. If you know what the track is going to be, using a reference track can give you a huge boost on implementing your ideas into thidee track easier and faster. Let’s say you have a Progressive House music in the making, you can find songs from Martin Garrix or Avicii for an example to be used as a reference so that you know how to write and mix better as there is a professionally made song to guide you. I am not saying that you should copy their songs but instead use it as a guide.

5. Setting Up Templates

FL Studio Template

If you are not making the most out of your DAW by implementing templates, prepare for a huge boost in productivity when you set things right for your template. When you have a magnificent idea in your mind, you may want to draft it out as quickly as possible because it might be gone in the next minute. During that period of time, you do not want to spend your time setting up synthesizers so that you can drawes your ideas down. When you’re done setting everything up, the idea might just vanish. Setting up your mixer tracks beforehand can save you tons of time during the mixing process.

These are the top 5 tips that I want to share with you guys so that you guys can improve and increase productivity during music creation process.

What are your top 5 tips?

Share with us in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading.

Have a great time producing.

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