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New Year, New Goal? Here’s All The Equipment You’ll Need to Become a Master Drummer

There are far more amateur drummers in the world than professionals. The distance between moving from one to the other is quite large and requires lots of practice. However, if you intend to become a master drummer, there is specific equipment you should have. This equipment will also aid you as you practice to become better than you were yesterday. 

Also, if you already play professionally, the kit will help improve your playing. Such essentials include a quality drum set, drum tool, books, racks, bags, and other necessary accessories.

drum kit

Drum Kit

A drummer needs a professional drumming kit. The right drum kit should showcase your ability and music style while allowing you to have fun. You could start with a five-piece drum kit and add to them as your drumming gets better. This set will comprise a bass drum, rack toms, floor tom, and snare drum. Also, be ready to invest in quality drum heads that will take all the beating.

Drum Tool

Since you never know what might go wrong with your drum kit, having an all-in-one tool for adjustments and repairs is necessary. Drum multi-tools come in all sizes and can contain loads of essential tools you never knew you needed. The best thing about a drum tool is that it is small to keep handy, but not so little that it ends up missing when needed. This CruzTools multi-tool contains a drum key, Allen keys, screwdrivers, and wrenches that you will require at one point or the other. It is a maintenance kit with a collection of heat-treated S2 alloy tools in a polished chrome finish. The drum key helps you tune your drum heads and make them sound better. Two wrenches are present to take care of the bass drum pedals and other hardware that need maintenance.

Woman Drummer

Drum Books

How are you supposed to be a pro if you do not improve your drumming? There are several drum books written to teach drummers how they can strengthen their hand and foot techniques. You can also get lessons on stick control, learn how to play different drumming styles, and better know you're drum rudiments.

Drum Rack

A drum rack is a mounting system that grants you easy access when you play different instruments. As you develop your drumming skills, you start adding new appliances. These percussion pieces that might include rack toms and cymbals need proper arrangement to enhance rather than slow down your playing. A drum rack is a simple instrument that can make this possible. It replaces the need to have different stands occupying space.



Quality cymbals will increase the joy you derive in your drumming. As your drumming proficiency increases, you will find the need to upgrade the sound of your cymbals. Get hi-hat, crash, or ride cymbal packs made for the type of music style you play. Note that the alloy material used to make the cymbal will determine how it plays. If you are unfamiliar with cymbals, you are better off getting a new pack from one of the top cymbal makers: Paiste, Zildjian, Sabian, and Meinl.



You can never have enough of a drumstick. Durable wooden or aluminum materials are used to make drumsticks, and even the type of wood used impacts your drumming more than you know. The best one for you depends on your budget and how hard you play. Look at the thickness, the taper length, and the tip before choosing, no matter your music style.

Drum Bags

As a master drummer, you need drum bags to keep your drums from damage. They are great, especially if you have to travel with your drums for rehearsals and shows. You could get a bag for each piece of your drum kit or have a big drum case where everything fits in nicely. The drum bag can also be an excellent place to keep your drumsticks and books while on the road.

Practice drums

Instead of banging away at your very expensive drum set at every point or constituting a level of noise with it, you can use practice pads to rehearse your drumming skills. The advantage of practice pads is that you practice silently, which improves your accuracy and speed significantly. One can also use electronic drum sets as practice pads. The volume buttons aid in sound control, making them less loud. You can always plug in a headphone and be in a world of your own. Virtual drumming is another vital consideration, with Freedrum making it possible for you to learn new techniques without waking your neighbors.


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