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Content Distribution: How To Use For Song Promotion

There are various types of art that nourish our lives with inspiration and positive emotions, and music is one of the most popular ones. Famous and not very well-known singers distribute music on popular platforms so that people can easily access and enjoy listening to it. However, there are other ways to distribute music other than audio streaming and media services platforms. Using content distribution tools to promote music has become rather popular recently.

Music Distribution

How to distribute music?

Song creators have to think about the best ways to distribute music to make more people aware of new masterpieces. Apart from standard means for music promotion, creating and distributing the content by mentioning a particular song is another effective approach.

Such streaming platforms as Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube Music, Apple Music, and Amazon Music are popular services that distribute music. To place your track there, you should adhere to a certain set of rules and requirements. Some of these streaming platforms also provide statistics that allow for analyzing your target audience who listens to your music. However, it might be really difficult to promote your song there as such streaming services host millions of other musical compositions.

To promote music effectively, you might consider musician guest posts and blogging platforms. Those will help you to get closer to your target audience who likes the music you produce. When people are searching for music, they use certain keywords related to the particular music style or genre. Thus, you might take advantage of it by creating articles with the appropriate keywords and mentioning your song there. You also can add images to attract people attention. Here is more about quality photos and editing.

What is necessary to spread and distribute music online?

Before promoting music on the web, you need to take several preliminary steps first. Those mainly refer to learning more about your target audience that is interested in your musical content and the amount of budget dedicated to music distribution.

If you already have your song placed on one of the streaming services, you might ask for analytics about the audience who listens to it. This will provide a better overview of the demographic data such as age, country of residence, and other essential factors. In case you do not have an opportunity to view this kind of statistics, you might still find out which types of audience typically listen to similar songs.

As for the budget, you need to decide on financial resources you are ready to spend for music distribution. This implies various kinds of spending such as radio advertisements or Instagram ads, for example. At the same time, think of the possible monetization of your song to be able to estimate future profits.

Digital Marketing

How to promote music with digital marketing?

When it comes to digital marketing, music distribution mainly refers to social media platforms, personal websites, music blogs, and podcasts. Along with that, a question on how to find good services to distribute music arises.

Social media

If you already have accounts on social media platforms, that is a good point to start from. Otherwise, you should definitely consider creating one on such popular social media platforms as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and others. Once you are ready, make an announcement about your new song and ask your followers to repost it. Another way to promote music on social media is by using ads so that you pay a certain amount and your post or story appears as sponsored content.

Personal website

One of the best investments in your personal brand as a songwriter is to create a personal website. It does not usually take much time as there are already many website builders that offer templates for website creation. Thus, you will only have to paste the information about you and your song products there. To make more people aware of your songs, use embedded SEO services offered by those services. Depending on the packages and services it provides, a certain monthly amount for the website promotion would be required.


Consider using powerful content creation platforms such as blogs, where guest posts could be published, to promote music. Those should definitely be popular blogging websites with high monthly traffic. Once a guest post about your new song is published, many people will get to know about it right away.

Radio websites

Listening to the radio is possible not only with an offline music player but now it is easy to listen to the radio online. To access it on the web, one needs to visit a dedicated website that provides streaming of radio stations. Such websites usually contain a space for advertisement, so you can contact their webmasters to arrange the deal.


Another popular way to distribute your music is to refer to podcasting platforms where people make discussions about dedicated topics. Find the ones that talk about music and ask if they could put your song in rotation during the pause of the podcasting session.

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