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How To Build an Email List (As a Music Producer)

Email marketing is directly marketing a commercial message to a group of people using email. For music producers, it is all about sending your newest content to notify your fans that you have just released a product which they might have interest in. It’s known as one of the most effective way to allow your products to reach a massive amount of people. For an example, when you release a new track, you want to let people know that you have just released a track and you want them to listen to it. In order to send out those emails, you need to have a list of contacts in your hand. That’s why building your own mailing list is so damn important for the marketing needs. Here are some tips and tricks that you can do to start collecting those emails.

Organizing A Contest

Organizing Contests

You must have wondered how are you going to do that. Here’s how. When you first enter a new remix contest, you will need to download the stems of the producer’s track for you to start remixing it. Before you get to download those stems, they usually will set up a download gate which needs you to provide values for the organizers. You can use that function to collect your emails. Participants will have to give you their personal emails before they get their hands on the remix process. The more the people joining your contest, the most the emails that you going to receive. Therefore, don’t forget to promote your contest.

Free Giveaway

Free Giveaway

This idea applies the same concept as organizing a contest. The only difference is producers do not make any effort to win it because it’s just pure luck.

Blog Posts

Blog Posts

Music producers mainly gain knowledge through 3 ways: watching tutorials on Youtube, reading blog posts and experimenting themselves. This is why you see all the companies doing business in the electronic dance music world usually have a blog section at their websites. When they publish a blog post with good contents, it usually attracts a lot of music producers to that post. When the content is so satisfying, people want more. Therefore, they provide a free email subscription service so that the readers can get notifications when a blog post is published. Indirectly, they collect the readers’ emails for future marketing purposes.

Youtube Tutorials

YouTube Tutorials

This is what W.A Production is doing right now. Every week, Roman uploads tutorials onto W.A. Production Youtube channel to teach people how to take their music production skills to the next level. As a token of appreciation, fans are required to follow W.A. Production social medias and give in their emails in return to help W.A. Production to grow bigger and better. With the help of their new download gate system “Pump Your Sounds”, all these things can be done easily and most of all, it is all FREE. Who doesn’t like FREE and QUALITY stuff?

Sample Packs

Sample Pack

In producers’ prospective, who doesn’t like free sample packs as it has that top quality? For an example, you can try to level up your drum design skill and create a pack of tight drum samples to share them with the music community. In return, you ask for their emails so that you can send them notifications in the future when you release a new sample pack. Why not killing 2 birds with one stone when you can upgrade your drum design skill and build your email list? Isn’t that great? It’s one of the best way right now to build your own audience while you’re learning at the same time.


The #1 way to increase your social following and build your email list.

What is Pump Your Sound?

Pump Your Sound Homepage

Pump Your Sound is a platform where you can offer download of your amazing work or music in return for Soundcloud followers, reposts, likes, Facebook likes and Youtube follower. With recent update, you can ask for fans’ email as well to build your own DJ email marketing list.

It’s all FREE and does not limit you from creating unlimited download gates.

Pump Your Sound Fangate

Here’s an example of download gate offered by

Pump Your Sound Fangate Edit

You can set and customize your own download gate in every track that you have released.

Pump Your Sound Email List

Collecting emails has never been so easy.

Still hesitating? has open so many opportunities to music producers worldwide. See it yourself.

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