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How to create bombing 808s with Serum

Ever wondered why that your 808s do not sound as good as the professionals?

Making bombing 808s that sound superb on each and every speaker device can be a difficult process to a beginner.

Today we will provide you a better understanding of making an 808 in 5 easy steps.

It’s feasible to design an 808 in nearly any VST synth that has the ADSR function. For this article, we’ll teach you how to use Serum to design your own 808s. We’ll be developing a very low frequency. Make sure that your sound system is good enough to reproduce those frequencies or else you would possibly have a difficult time listening to it, as you are making it.

1. Choose the waveform

Serum Waveform

I personally like to use square waveform when I am making my 808s. You can experience with other waveform according to your own preference.

2. Shape the sound

Serum Envelope

ENV 1 is basically the ADSR function for the sound. I basically just draw out the shape at ENV 1. 808s usually have fast attack, short body and a long tail (high release). You can experience with the curve between one point and another to give it its own characteristics.

3. Filter

Serum Filter

As square wave contains a lot of harmonics, it can produce certain high-mid to high frequencies that we do not really need in an 808. That is why I apply a low pass filter to cut out all the unwanted frequency. It all depends on the waveform and your taste.

4. Pitch Drop

Serum Pitch

If you zoom in on a waveform of kick, you can see that the punch of the kick comes from the waveform quickly gliding from high to low frequency. We want to add punchiness to our 808s too. At ENV 2, make a shape like the picture above. Then, assign it to the CRS of OSC A. Go to the Matrix section and make sure in the “Type” section, you change the arrow into ‘->’. Adjust the amount until it adds a punch to the 808.

(Optional) You can assign ENV 2 to cut off of filter to bring in some of the high-mid frequencies to compliment the punch.

5. Effects

Serum FX

I use distortion to add harmonics which the waveform might not has to 808. Compression is used to make it way LOUDER. I add in the chorus effect to give it a stereo feel and you do not need to add this effect if you do not like. Finally, I add another low pass filter to cut off the unwanted frequency that the compressor and distortion had brought up.

That’s it.

These are the 5 easy steps to create an 808 that rock any sound systems.

If you have any tips to share with us, feel free to comment below.

Thank you.

Have a nice day.

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