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How to create JAUZ Wobble Bass

Have you ever wonder how the well-known Bass House Jauz created his signature wobble bass for his track Rock the Party?

Today, I will cover the steps needed to create similar style of wobble bass in xFer Serum.


1. Choose wavetables


Select the following wavetables:

Analog_BD_Sin for OSC A

Basic_Cjw for OSC B

2. FM Synthesis

FM Synthesis

Turn off the Level for OSC B. Select FM (from B) for OSC A. Turn the wrap knob for OSC A for 40%.

3. Drawing an LFO

Serum LFO

Draw an LFO as shown in picture above. Remember to select TRIG mode for the LFO.

4. Hi Pass Filter

High Pass Filter

Select High 12 at the filter section.

Route the LFO1 to the following:

RES 36%

5. FX Section


Serum Hyper


Rate - 16%
Detune - 25%
Mix - 40%


Size - 30%
Mix - 10%


Serum Distortion

Type of Distortion - Softclip
Drive - 77%
Mix - 60%


Serum Phaser

Rate - Off
BPM - On
Depth - 0%
Freq - 20Hz
Feed - 50%
Phase - 180


Serum Compression

Thresh - -15.9dB
Ratio - No change
Attack - No change
Release - No change
Gain - 7.1 dB
Multiband - On
Mix - 100%


Serum Filter

Type of Reverb - Plate
Size - 17
Pre Delay - 39 ms
Low Cut - 18%
High Cut - 39%
Damp - 38%
Width - 51%
Mix - 14%

That is how you create Jauz’s signature wobble bass for his bass house tracks.

Tell us in the comments that how this article has helped you with your sound designing.

PS: If you want to grab this preset that I have made for this article, you can click HERE.

Thank you.

W. A. Production team.

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