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How to create Mike Williams’ Lead

Future Bounce is another style of music to be aware of since it is gaining its popularity.

One of the amazing musical artists that brought up the whole Future Bounce is Mike Williams.

Mike Williams is known for his catchy melodies and groovy basslines. Therefore, his tracks are so amazing yet unique at the same time.

Today, I am going to teach you how to create his signature sound using Serum from xFer Record.

It’s quite simple but it definitely catches your attention when it is being played with bouncy basses.

Let’s start.


1. OSC A

Serum Shape 1

First, we are going to set up the oscillator A. Select the basic shapes wavetable and select the square wave (as shown in the picture). Increase to 5 unison and decrease the detune value.

2. OSC B

Serum Shape 2

Second, it’s time to set up the oscillator B. Select the BSOD_Square wavetable (as shown in the picture). Increase to 3 unison and decrease the detune value.

3. SUB

Serum Sub

Select the Saw wave for the Sub section.

4. Filter

Serum Filter

Choose the MG Low 12 filter. Check the boxes A, B and S to enable oscillator A, B and Sub to pass through the filter. Adjust the Cutoff knob and Drive knob as shown in the picture above.

5. LFO1

Serum LFO

Draw a ‘pluck’ shape at LFO1. Select ENV mode and change the rate to ½ .

Serum Envelope

Select PWM warp mode for both OSC A and OSC B. Assign LFO1 to all the parameters as shown in the picture above. *Remember to turn LEVEL for OSC A, OSC B and SUB.

6. Effects

- Distortion

I use SoftClip distortion for this sound because I don’t want it to sound too distorted.

- EQ

Cut off the low end and boost the high.

- Reverb

I add Plate Reverb to the sound.

- Compressor

Just to glue everything together.

7. Voicing

Serum Voicing

Check the box for MONO and ALWAYS. Adjust the Porta to about 40ms.

There you go. The signature sound of Mike Williams, the key to have good Future Bounce sounds.

I hope that you learn something from this article.

Comment below what you want us to cover in our next article.

Have a great time producing.

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