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Interview With Krewella About Music Production (2018)

W. A. Production Aneta had the chance to sit and chat with sisters Jahan Yousaf and Yasmine Yousaf who are better known as electronic artists Krewella at the Czech Republic Air Festival to discuss their inspirations and beginnings.

Q: Are you nervous?

Jahan: I’m more excited than nervous because we’ve never been here and any time in a new city is really exciting.

Yasmine: Yeah, defiantly more excited than nervous.

Q: Which producer is your biggest inspiration?

Yasmine: The guy that's on right now. Pegboard Nerds. We’ve worked with them we’ve done 2 collabs with them, 3 collabs with them?

Jahan: And they remixed so many of our songs.

Yasmine: We love working with them. They just released a new E.P. that's so good, so I’m a really bog fan of them. They are always really inspiring.

Jahan: Diskord they are up there too. They are amazingly talented producers and writers from the U.K. and we play a ton of their stuff.

Q: Which producer is the most funny?

Yasmine: The one that comes to mind probably Dillon Francis, he is such a comedian. Who else is

Just such a riot?

Jahan: Yeah, Dillon is the one that came into my mind too.

Yasmine: He is the most outward about his comedic value.

Jahan: A lot of producers are funny. I feel like a lot of artists are dark.

Yasmine: Cynical

Jahan: Yeah. Cynical, and you wouldn't really know that side of them cuz you don’t really see their personalities that DJ’s revealed on social media sometimes. When you meet them in passing like in the green room that's when you kinda get to know peoples personalities. I’m trying to think of who else, like Karnage who played yesterday he’s a funny dude.

Yasmine: Yeah, he is hilarious.

Q: Which plugins do you like the most?

Yasmine: Plugins for when we make music. So there’s a lot, the one that just came to my mind, I was in Iceland a couple of months ago and there is this church in Iceland that this plugin has taken the reverb from inside the church, Hallgrimskirkja. But there’s a lot of amazing plugins that use very real world places to create a very organic sound,so I think that plugins that make music with the people we are working with like to have a very organic feel to them that is what we kinda go for.

Jahan: Anything that will enhance vocals and give that roominess to vocals like Valhalla shimmer gives it that extra magic

Q: And what is your plan for the future?

Jahan: For the future, its weird I don’t think that , I think both us are kinda in this position that were going with the flow and living each day at a time and kinda not setting these grand expectations of like we have to have the album out by this date and this month so that we can tour during this quarter. I mean right now we are just really enjoying creating but also taking time off and exploring and also meeting people and traveling and exploring ourselves more to in that process I think we’ve become more authentic artists.

Q: What were your beginnings, your first creation?

Yasmine: So we started making music over a decade ago so its been along time but I think it was a lot more of a hobby in the beginning and we slowly started to take it more seriously. I would say we were just kids having fun, almost just playing around and it became something very serious for us that we fell in love with so that is the beginning of our music making career.

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