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How to Get Rid of Audio Recording Latency

By | on 07, Nov 2018 |   Tips & Tricks

Ah, Latency.. It's that split second of irritating delay between the sound you make and the sound you hear. This occurs in milliseconds and for some it can go unnoticed. For others it is a common prob[...]

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Ultimate List of Free Remix Stems

By | on 03, Nov 2018 |   Download Lists

Have you ever been listening to song and though, "I would love to remix that"?  But when are you going to find the time to sit and figure out each and every note and track down the instrument and sett[...]

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Ultimate List Of Free Unique Audio Plugins (Weird Ones)

By | on 20, Oct 2018 |   Download Lists

Welcome to part 2 of the Ultimate list of unique and weird audio plugin instruments and effects.  As we all know too much seriousness and time staring at the same screen can result in a block or stagn[...]

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Interview With KSHMR About Music Production 2018

By | on 18, Oct 2018 |   Interviews

W.A. Production interviewer Marketa got to sit, well stand, with producer KSHMR as he talks about his label, Dharma Worldwide, the use of templates, and shares his advice for new producers.

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Ultimate List of free templates for logic Pro X 2018

By | on 10, Oct 2018 |   Download Lists

Here we go. A monstrous list of free templates. Be aware that most websites do require you to register or follow them in order to access their free content. I assure you, no credit card required, Thes[...]

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Ultimate List of Free Ableton Templates 2018

By | on 02, Oct 2018 |   Download Lists

This is by no means just a thrown together list. This took weeks to bring together to ensure that, while yes this is another list, this is by far the most quality list you can find. Not to mention you[...]

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The Ultimate List of Free Audio Plugins for Mixing & Mastering

By | on 25, Sep 2018 |   Download Lists

The best audio plugins for the best results. Isn’t it great to know you have this awesome talent to make music? Your friends don’t mind your rough and raw recordings. They can see the diamond in the r[...]

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Ultimate List Of Free "Real Instrument" Audio Plugins

By | on 12, Sep 2018 |   Download Lists

How many instruments do you own? Are you able to go out and buy an instrument every time you need to use it? A very small percentile are able to do this. That doesn’t mean the rest of us can’t have ac[...]

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Interview With Krewella About Music Production (2018)

By | on 05, Sep 2018 |

W. A. Production Aneta had the chance to sit and chat with sisters Jahan Yousaf and Yasmine Yousaf who are better known as electronic artists Krewella at the Czech Republic Air Festival to discuss the[...]

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Interview With MR.BLACK About Music Production (2018)

By | on 26, Aug 2018 |   Interviews

At the Czech Republic Air Festival W. A. Productions’ own Aneta made her way to Yaniv Biton, better known as MR.BLACK, and chatted about collaborations and of course his responses to our this vs. that[...]

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Top 10 Free Ambient Plugins

By | on 24, Aug 2018 |   Download Lists

It can be frustrating looking though “best of” lists especially when you want something specific. Let me cut to the chase. I’m dishing up another top 10 list. However, this one is genre specific. It’s[...]

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Interview with Pegboard Nerds About Music Production (2018)

By | on 19, Aug 2018 |   Interviews

W. A. Production interviewer Aneta got to sit down with Danish DJ Michael Parsberg of Pegboard Nerds to discuss

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