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FL Studio For Mac? TOP 10 FL Studio 20 New Features!

It's out now!

FL Studio’s last released version is 12.5. Image Line is skipping ahead to 20 marking their 20 year anniversary.

I’ve played around with version 20 and the look is a little sleeker and there are a lot of feature upgrades and new functions. First thing I am happy to report, I did not experience any sort of lock up, freeze, or force close on version 20. Honestly I resorted back to 10 out of frustration with 12 and its constant crashing. I think this is going to be an epic release for Image Line / FL Studio and I’m sure that you guys are going to be VERY happy with it.

Here’s my sneak peek at 10 of the changes you can expect to see hand picked from my personal list of FL STUDIO 20, Changes of Awesomeness.



FL Studio 1

Time signatures

See the sections for the Playlist & Piano roll. The default Time Signature is set in the Project General Settings and Time Signature changes with Time Markers.

FL Studio 2

Right Click Time

Markers and Select “Time Signature Change”

This feature is available to use on multiple patterns and designate multiple changes within 1 song. A huge benefit of changing time is altering predictability in a song, keeping the listener on their toes and aware just like a great suspense movie. Now you can do it with ease and as many times as you want without the rest of the song being altered.  

FL Studio 3

Use (Shift+Alt+T) to set time-signatures from the playhead position or over the selected time-range.

Use on Pattern Clip Menu 'Use current time signature' to set a Time Signature based on Playlist position.

Time Signature is view able in Piano Roll.


Bounce selected Audio and Pattern Clips to a single Audio Clip using the following methods: Playlist track > Right-Click > Consolidate this track - Bounces an entire Playlist Track to Audio.

FL Studio 4
Playlist menu > Tools > Consolidate playlist selection - Bounces selected Clips to Audio.

FL Studio 5

Picker Panel > Right-Click Clip menu > Render as audio clip - Creates Audio Clips ready to use.

FL Studio 6

The option is also available to “undo” any applied consolidation.


FL Studio 7

Remember having only 104 mixer track slots? Now you will be seeing 125 mixer track slots!


This is where it gets a little crazy and overdone, but still, they wouldn’t have added it if it was going to be useless, check this out.

FL Studio 8

That’s Right. FIVE HUNDRED. 500. We were oh so limited by only having 199. Thanks, Image Line. Now I can layer upon layer and include all the sounds and loops I had to throw to the side when 199 just wasn’t enough.

We also have the ability to “hide” playlist tracks.

FL Studio 9

Get ready for the hair on the back of your neck to stand up. The following changes have been applied to the Playlist, and these are going to help you maximize time management and will make mufti tasking a breeze.

Playlist arrangements and a multiple playlist feature. Change between the two by selecting “arrangements.”

FL Studio 10

In that same menu, in case you missed it, there is an option to Clone as well as Merge Arrangements. How awesome is that?

We now have the option to view a preview bar on top of the playlist as well as the piano roll.

FL Studio 11

Last awesome playlist feature.

FL Studio 12

The ability to record line in, punch in and punch out. Not a time clock, seriously, line in. Re-recording those “oops” blundered one second moments or even an entire verse, doing another take and designating the points are as simple as inserting time markers.

 New call-to-action


Hey MAC users. A 64 bit version will be available and will support AU plugins. 

Also projects will be cross platform compatible between Windows and Mac.


FL Studio 14

This is a set of effects and processing routines for the sample loaded in the sample bank. None of these effects require additional CPU to play your song, because they are all applied as pre-computed effects. FL Studio processes the sample and then loads it in the memory with all effects already applied. The update features EQ, 2 Reverb types, stereo delay, boost clipping, ring modulation and sample start offset. For adding simple effects it’s easier than loading them up into the mixer.


Welcome Back. A revised older feature that is as easy as right click on the sample in the step sequencer and there it is. Adjust volume, velocity, panning, and all the features you love from the good ol days.

FL Studio 15


This was worth the mention due to how odd it is. The minimize and exit buttons….
Brace your self guys … are now located in the upper right hand corner. Take a look at this.

FL Studio 16


Right click in the upper right space region and a drop down menu you appear and allow you to drag and drop to create your own toolbar set up.

And the number 1 thing about FL Studio 20 that ads the cherry to the top of my Top 10 List of Awesomeness is….

FL Studio 17


I can make any musician or producer cringe with one word. LATENCY. Ugh.

Hooray, you can maintain the timing and sync of all channels and make continuous adjustment.

FL Studio 18

And there you have it. My personal list of FL STUDIO 20, Changes of Awesomeness.

Hope I didn’t spoil any of the suspense for ya. Believe me there is still plenty more to explore and see. Below you will find links to the demo version as well as the official documentation about most of the features.

InstaChord For FL Studio

Official Release Guide

Download FL STUDIO 20 DEMO

If you purchase the latest version of FL Studio you will be eligible for lifetime updates including the FL Studio 20 version once it is released.
The Fruity Edition is $99, Producer Edition is $199, and the Signature Bundle is $299.

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