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Fast And Easy Way to Tune Kick Drum

After spending hours on finding the perfect kick drum for your song, it turns out that it is not in the same key as your track.

I got a little hack or tip for you to avoid turning all your hard work in searching for the kick to go into waste.

For this example, I want to tune my kick into G key.

Kicking off:

1. Pick Your Favourite Kicks

FL Studio Kicks

One for the Body and another one for the click.

2. Enable Declicking Function

FL Studio Declicking

You want to make sure they don’t click when they are blended together.

3. Blend Nicely

Mix Kicks

Fade out the top kick so that it only contains the top click. Fade out the kick to remove the top click.

4. (Pro tip) Do not let your kick to be longer than the first half of ¼ of 1 bar

If you are making house music, this tip is quite important. Because when the tail of the kick is too long, it can interfere with the bass frequency and cause problems in the low end.

This quick and easy tip will definitely save up your time in tuning your kick drum.

I hope that it increases your workflow and helps you to fit the kick drum perfectly in the mix.

Comment below if it is a saviour to you.

Thank you for reading.

Have a nice day.

W.A. Production Team

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