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Free FL Studio VST Plugin Presets [Sytrus, Harmor, Toxic Biohazard]

FL Studio Presets

The Ultimate List of native FL Studio plugin presets for Harmor, Harmless, Sytrus, Toxic Biohazard, 3xOSC, and more will have your creativity level on overload.


FL Studio from Image-Line is likely the most favored DAW of all time due to its easy to navigate interface, user friendly features and functions, and high quality native plugins. 

How about a massive collection of 100% FREE presets for some of the best native FL Studio plugin instruments such as Sytrus and Toxic Biohazard? 

Well get ready to let the downloads begin as we give you the best FREE presets for FL Studio plugins.


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Presets from Synthetic Illusion

  • Pop Disco Bass - A Bass Preset made from scratch but using only FM Operators and no filter.
  • Various EBM - Includes arps, atmospheres, percussion, plucks and leads.
  • Various EBM 2 - Contains FX, voice,keys, and more. 

Sytrus Various Presets Megapack from The Highest Producers

Synthwave from Tealmist

Dealazer Sytrus Presets - Ranges in musical genres from trance to ambient and beyond.

Olbaid Sytrus Essentials - Contains some wonderfully crafted Sytrus presets that are useful for EDM, House and other production styles.

Redefinition Sytrus Pack - Contains 29 high quality Sytrus presets crafted and polished for hardstyle, house, techno music etc.

Free Sytrus presets by Alex Merced - There are available 6 Sytrus soundbanks plus a cool selection of layered kick samples and one shot vocal sounds.


Toxic Biohazard

Rhythm´n Melo By NOWISM - High and loud damaging sound, can take your audible ability to new levels. 

Toxic Planet by Helge Ohlenbostel 

Strange & Dark by NOWISM

25 EDM Presets by Music Sensation


Trance Patches by BIOCHRON

Electro, trance and hip hop from

SynEBMBass JD by Synthematic



Krezie EDM for Harmless by Krezie Sounds

Monsters Vs. Aliens by Gum Road

Mystery Islands Music by Novaline

One Hundred Harmless Presets by Trikome



Future Bass Harmor Presets by AMBDZ

Venus by Nois2

Harmor Essentials by Olbaid

Harmor Preset Pack Vol. 1 by Sumo Blanco

Harmor Presets for Trance by ATA Music

Planet Earth by Che



Image-Line Fruity Kick Presets by Joel Bisson

Image-Line Wasp Presets by Joel Bisson

SimSynth free presets pack by

Image-Line Sakura Presets by Joel Bisson

500 FREE FL Studio VST Presets by Psionic Games

And there you have it. Enough presets for anything and everything FL Studio. Don't forget if you have FL Studio 20 you get the awesome synth FLEX for free and presets are added often. 

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