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How to Create a Big Room Kick like JAGGS

Have you ever wondered that how do those big EDM producers like JAGGS or KEVU make their own signature big room kick?

Today, we are going to show you the basic steps to create your big room kick.

If you’re creative enough, you might develop your own signature big room kick.


FL Studio Kick

A basic big room kick should consist of 2 elements:

- Top Kick

- Kick Bass


1. Pick Your Kick

FL Studio Kick 2

Choose a top kick and decrease its length to 1/16 of 1 bar to create space for the bass.

*Remember to de-click your kick to avoid clicks (use the de-click options if you’re FL Studio users)

2. Choose Your Kick Bass


You can choose any waveform to create the bass. In this example, I use the triangle waveform to do it.

*Since the kick is in F# key, I created the bass in F# key as well.

3. Distort the Bass

FL Studio Mixer

When we’re creating the bass, we want the bass to sound dirty and powerful.

Therefore, I applied a lot of distortion to the bass.

Explanation of effects used:

- Fruity WaveShaper (Distortion)

- Fruity Fast Dist (Distortion)

- Fruity WaveShaper (Distortion)

- Fruity EQ 2 (Shaping the bass)

*Will be explained further in this post

- OTT (Compression)

- Fabfilter Pro 2 (Mix with the kick)

*Will be explained further in this post

- Fruity Love Philter (Sidechain)

*Will be explained further in this post

4. Shaping the Bass

Shaping The Bass

I made the Band 7 into a low pass filter and automate it.

This will shape the bass and add some kind of characteristics to the bass.

*In this examples, I automate the band from 425Hz to 66Hz.

5. Sidechain


In order to allow the kick to punch through the bass, sidechaining is used to do so.

6. Mix the Kick & Bass


I applied some equalization on both the top kick and the kick bass so that they can be mixed well together.

7. Bus Processing

Buss Processing


- Fabfilter Pro-C 2

Parallel Compression

- FabFilter Saturn

Parallel Saturation


Add some beef to the kick (little amount will do)

- Fabfilter Pro-C 2

Control the transient of the kick (high attack & release)

- iZotope Ozone 5

Just a limiter to get some loudness

8. Final Edit


Do some final touches if needed.

Save it when you’re done.

Here you go. A simple yet effective guide on creating the big room kick.

Comment your big room kick below to show us what you guys learnt from this post.

If you want the kick that I created for this post, you can grab it by clicking HERE.

Thank you for reading.

Your W. A. Production team

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