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Interview With Gerald Le Funk About Music Production

Dominik from W. A. Production sat down with artist Gerald Le Funk (Hey Bite This, Klash, Dim Mak Records, Panda Funk) and answered some questions about his go to software prefereneces.

Dominik: Hey guys, I'm Dominik from WA Production. We're here with Gerald Le Funk where he will be playing in the Jablonec at an event tonight.

Dominik: Have you ever heard of the W. A. production?

Gerald Le Funk: Yes I have a lot of samples from them.

Dominik: Really how long have you been using our products?

Gerald Le Funk: I think around two or three years, maybe longer.

Dominik: Really?

Gerald Le Funk: Yeah.



Dominik: So what inspired you to ever start making music, like what was the motive from behind? Do you have any music going on in your family?

Gerald Le Funk: Yeah. A lot of my whole family is from my mother side's is in music. Everyone is singing or doing instruments. I was the first that was doing with computer. I started as a drummer. That's what I did since I was eight years old and I did it till I was sixteen and then I started to make music with my first computer. So that's how it went. Then I made Hip-Hop for six years... maybe five, six years I think.

Dominik: And what got you into making electronic music as what you're playing today?

Gerald Le Funk: One of my friends said, EDM is the next big thing.. so, stop Hip-Hop, do EDM, but I didn't know how to make it, so, I tried and tried for two years and then finally got a chance to release my music so..

Dominik: That's cool so, what kind of software do you prefer making your music in? Do you have anything preferred any techniques that you like using when you're making music?

Gerald Le Funk: I always use fruity loops already for I think 10 years. For plug-ins, I use Serum a lot for last one or two years and also Sylenth1 and Massive plug-ins like that.. and a lot of samples.

Dominik: So you've been making music for a long time now. What is your way of making a song? Like do you go to the computer thinking I want to make a song with a great melody or just like a banger or something awesome?

Gerald Le Funk: I only produce when I have inspiration. So, I never go to the laptop like I'm going to produce now with nothing in my head because that it ends up with nothing.

I can produce for eight hours and I have nothing. I did it before but for last two years I only produce when I have something in my head. Then I go sit down and start up my computer and in less than two hours I have the full track.

Dominik: That's awesome. Do you have any other DJs that you are inspired by? Maybe a certain type of genre or who did you grow up listening to the most or your most favourite DJs?

Gerald Le Funk: Well it's weird to say but I never listened to Electronic Music. I don't like to listen to it. So when I'm in the car or somewhere else I always listen to different genres but no electronic house music.

And I'd get inspired by also different genres like urban, dubstep and everything but not house music.

So that's where I get my inspiration from.

Dominik: So how do you prepare your sets? like searching for music if you don't really listen to it or do you spend time searching for new tracks to put in your live sets or anything?

Gerald Le Funk: I use a lot of Shazam when I'm in the clubs. And I listen on Friday we have this radio show in Holland and we have 24x7 house music, different DJ every hour and that's where I get my music from. So I listen for I think straight 10 hours a day and every new track I do Shazam. I only do Shazam, that's how it works.

Dominik: What do you think is the future of EDM? Or do you think it might die out anytime soon?

Gerald Le Funk: Well, I think it will get a big come back later. But I'm not sure what its going to do because everyone is doing.. I think a lot of people's doing the same thing now and when I listen to music it's like listening to splice.

So when I'm in the festival or at the club, it's like I'm scrolling through splice.

So the same focus, the same samples and everything and I hope that will stop one day, so that you get more different styles and unique stuff. But I don't think it will really die.

I think EDM will never die.

Dominik: Yeah, I get that because I've been seeing on the internet a lot that the EDM genres are to die out in a way, but because many people do prefer techno or just regular house music and just think that EDM is not the future any more. Any thoughts on that?

Gerald Le Funk: You mean Big Room with EDM?

Dominik: Yes. Big house and this club style music.

Gerald Le Funk: Yeah I think the groovy will come back, like that's going to do a big thing. I think the real big room like the big room kicks and the high sounds and everything, I think it goes less in the future because we have four five years now been a while now yeah everything sounds the same so... You never know.

Dominik: We'll see it in the future. Okay so, Gerald thank you for your time to make this interview. I have gift for you from W. A. production with many gigabytes of sound samples, presets and all types of plug-ins that you might ever need.

Gerald Le Funk: Thank you so much.

Dominik: Thank you for your time.

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