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Sigma Interview - Everyday the first thing I do is go to the studio

Dominik from W. A. Production sat down with artist Sigma and answered some questions about his go to software prefereneces.

Dominik: Hey guys, I'm Dominik from WA Production. We're here with Sigma that just finished playing his show. How was it tonight?

Sigma: Really good. We love it in Czech Republic, the people are you know, good music and having a good time. So it's sick.

Dominik: Were this your first time here? Have you been here before?

Sigma: I've been to the Czech Republic so many times. But this might be my first time here. It was great. So much fun.

Dominik: So I'm with WA Production. We're a company based in Prague, have you ever heard about us?

Sigma: Yeah, I was just saying to you I think I have. And I'm sure I have seen your name on websites.

Dominik: Yeah, we make samples, presets, plugins anything to help producers be better at their music and we also have videos explaining how to make stuff, how to help them with production and everything.

So I like to ask about, how you started producing? How old were you? When did you start? What styles did you start with?

Sigma: I've been making music for years. When I first started it was so much harder to produce, because now you can go online download everything you need and you can do everything within your door but back then it was a case of like the computers weren’t fast enough to be able to actually do everything on board so you needed equipment and stuff so, yeah, like very long time.

But I think professionally for about maybe 13 years and even but it was different. But now is so easy with splice and obviously guys like yourself, it's cool man. It's great time.

Dominik: And how did you started? What programs did you start using? What do you use now? and what kind of computer do you use? Windows, apple?

Sigma: I used to use a windows PC because I can't afford a Mac and so I started from Cubase because that was the thing back then, and I still use Cubase as my main DAW now because I'm so used to it.

I think I'm always inclined to start leanings towards Ableton, because I think on the fly it's quicker, you don't need a dongle something like that I think that would be kind of ideally in the next 2 years where I would be. I mean ultimately the way I see the sequencer, it's just a canvas. It's what you put into it.

Dominik: I understand. So, what kind of inspiration do you have for starting music? Is there anybody that inspired you to make it? or was it just something that you wanted to go to fulfill you in a way?

Sigma: Yeah all day. I'd love to just create. It's part of me you know what I mean. Every day the first thing I do is go to the studio and the last thing I do is leave the studio when I'm in bed think about what change I'm gonna make. That's it.

Dominik: Do you have any preferred plugins, presets, whatever you use to make music?

Sigma: Yes. So many I mean like I think I really got sleeves rolling in clout stuff recently, cause I've seen them launch that so, that is amazing kind of analogue module synths. That actually sounds as good as the original I mean that's the best of them all. I'm sure some people would say they are not but I think they are.

And you know like all the obvious one like Serum that's one of my main go to cause I like to use a lot of sample based stuff and some live instruments, cause I play guitar, I play piano, I play strings, so I like to record it like that and I think it is important to bring real elements to the music.

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Dominik: When you're on the road do you try to make music? When you're touring between city to city? Or is this something like you have to be at home to make the music in you're comfortable zone?

Sigma: Yes. It's actually recently that I actually got my whole setup kinda mobile. because originally I used to have a home PC but now because I work quite a lot out on studios all over the world so I need a mobile setup. In the past year or so I started doing it and I love it. It's amazing. So much better. So much more productive.

Dominik: So when you're making a song do you like starting with the drop? Or maybe the melody? Or whatever comes to mind? How's your process like when you make music?

Sigma: All depends on the style of track I'm making cause I make such a variety of stuff. I write a lot of POP music with a lot of POP writers. I make dance floor stuff when I'm in the mood. So yeah all depends. But I think generally if you're making very drop focus stuff, the most important thing is the drop in my opinion so, make that first and then go to other stuff around it.

Dominik: So what kicked off your career? Which song? How did it start? Did you message somebody to listen to it? How was it for you?

Sigma: Oh man, I think I've kind of had loads of very small steps in my career. Until suddenly we had like a giant leap and it was like a very long process so I was like writing loads of probably really bad music that no one really cared about and I still do that but I keep that on my hard drive.

Dominik: So when you're making your sets, looking for new songs to put into your sets, do you do it during the week? Or is this something that you already have prepared for a certain country? City? How do your sets look like? Or when you're looking for new stuff putting in your music?

Sigma: I think it's the case of just seeing. Because obviously when you travel a lot, you kind of understand certain territories likes certain things not just the territories but depending on the line up you're playing on. Because for us we came from as Sigma, very Drum & Bass background but now cause you play on different line ups, you have to adapt a little bit to the people over there so, yeah I mean obviously coming to Czech Republic we know that you guys just loving having fun and this is great, I love it.

Dominik: Yeah. Also like to ask you if you have any maybe new releases coming soon with maybe some other artists if there's anything you can talk about now?

Sigma: Yeah, we got a song with Sad Feel. We got a track with a singer called Maverick Sabre in the UK. We got a song with a guy Dan Basteo and lot more so much stuff.

Dominik: So it's something that we can look forward to now because everybody here in the Czech Republic as you know loves you.

Sigma: Yeah. All day. I mean I have literally a 100 songs on my computer that I can play you but if I play them to you I have to kill you so, not today.

Dominik: Okay, I understand that. Okay so thank you Sigma for taking your time to do this interview. I enjoyed it and everybody else enjoyed, your show was great. Thank you guys for listening. This is WA Production with Sigma. See you next time.


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