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Parallel Processing for Vocals in FL Studio

Have you ever feel that your vocal can’t stand out in your mix even though you have try everything you know about vocal processing?

I have faced the problem before when I first started learning music production until my friend showed me this technique. I was amazed by the results and I started using this technique every time I process my vocal ever since.

The technique is to utilize parallel processing for your vocal. It may seem very simple to do but all these small details are going to add a lot of power to your vocal.

Let me show you how to use this technique.

Reverb and Delays

Fruity Delay

“But hey WA Production, what’s the difference between applying reverb as an insert and as a send?” This is a common question that we get asked a lot. In my opinion, I like to apply them as sends so that I can process my reverb or delay on their individual mixer tracks because I tend to get a cleaner mix using sends. It’s because you process the whole vocal and the reverb as well when you apply effects on the mixer track if you apply the reverb as an insert hence causing muddiness in the mix.

For my reverb and delay sends, I like to OTT (over the top compression) followed by Fruity Parametric EQ 2 to cut off unwanted frequency.

FX Chain

Stereo Effect

Fruity Stereo

Vocal should be in mono and in the centre of the mix. But it doesn’t sound interesting and massive with just mono signal. How do we add width to our vocal while keeping it a mono signal? We can use sends to do so. For FL Studio user, open Fruity Shaper on that send and apply the Haas effect by adding 15ms delay to the right signal. Adjust the volume of the send so that it doesn’t over-power the original vocal.

Parallel Saturation/Compression

Fruity Limiter

Parallel saturation and parallel compression (aka NY compression) are common techniques used to process drum recordings. Why don’t we utilize it on vocal recording as well? This technique can add warmth and punch to your vocal without messing up the original vocal recording. For FL Studio users, I like to use Fruity WaveShaper for parallel saturation and Fruity Limiter for parallel compression. You can play with the presets provided by Image Line to get results that you didn’t expect you can from FL Studio native plug-ins.

Do you use parallel processing techniques on your vocal as well?

Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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