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Essential Tips to Become a Better Music Producer Today

The first time you start making your beats and produce music you will start dreaming of becoming a great music producer in the future. However, this is something that doesn’t happen overnight. You have to do your best, always try to learn something new, search for ideas, try new plugins, software and hardware, deal with technical issues with your equipment and much more. In short terms – you have to gain experience. 

The question you certainly have at this moment is – How can I become a better music producer? Here are some tips we have selected which will make you and your skills better in music production.


Make your beats on a daily basis

Just like with anything else in life – practice makes perfect. The more you work, the easier it becomes over time. You can be sure that your favorite music producer had to work hard for years and years in order to be in the position he is now. Therefore it’s a good idea to start making your own beats every day. For example, try to create one beat per day for the next month. You can compare your work now and then and you will definitely see some great improvement. After that just continue with this daily routine.

Learn from other producers

Music production is an industry where you learn the most when you watch what other producers do. If you are in a situation to go into a recording studio, watch how everything is being done and do your best to absorb as much as possible. After that practice and try and experiment with everything you have learned.

Stay focused on your goals and work hard

When you decide to dive into the music production ocean, there is one thing you need to know – you have to work hard. You will have to sacrifice your free time, playing video games or watching TV is not an option anymore, you should get ready to sleep just four hours a night, and also forget about other hobbies. And you have to do this because you already have a goal. You want to become a great music producer and to have a career in music, and that requires lots of sacrifice. Success isn’t easy and you can succeed only if you work hard.

Listen to lots of different music 

When you think a little, one of the most important elements of music production is listening. Listening to lots of music, and we mean different styles of music, will help you train your ear. Think about the music you are listening to. Listen to music you like and also the music you can’t stand. Think about what makes you like one style of music, and why do you dislike other styles. When you understand your musical taste then you will be able to create better music. 

Master your hardware and software

Thanks to YouTube there are tons of video tutorials that can help you learn how to use your hardware and software. Most people simply jump from one DAW to another and never really learn to use any of them. All these software are packed with plugins and effects. So take your time and learn how to use them properly, and learn one at a time. Learn as much as possible about software, plugins, audio codecs, and so on. And remember - there is no need to spend money on premium plugins at the beginning. 

Another thing that may happen is to start buying new hardware. Having tons of different pedals, drum machines, synths and so on, won’t help you much if you don’t know how to use them. Therefore, it would be best to buy one piece of hardware and learn how to use it completely and how to get the maximum out of it. This will help you stay in the budget and then simply build your hardware inventory slowly and only with the items you really need. 

Analyze other peoples work

Analyzing the work of other music producers, especially professionals and people you admire, figuring out how they did something and then trying to do the exact same thing, is extremely useful. The thing you have to learn though is to try not to copy the song completely. You will be amazed with all the things you can learn while trying to imitate a specific sound. But, remember - be original.

Study music theory 

A large number of people in the music industry are not well knowledgeable about music theory. However, this isn’t something you should worry about. However, if you plan to have a career in the music industry you will have to learn at least the basics of music theory. This is the reason why learning something about music theory is important along with all the other tasks you are going to do. After all, you definitely want to be a professional at your job.

Learn to play an instrument

Permanent education is a must nowadays. Knowing to play an instrument will make you understand how specific instruments work. This will allow you to feel the instrument and get the most out of it and the musician who plays it as well. 

Test your music before you release it

A very important thing you should do before you release your new piece of music is to test it on a variety of speakers, headphones, car stereo systems. You can also use them when you create the music. By doing this you will be able to do all the tiny tweaks and modifications which will make it sound great during the creation process. Your listeners will also use different devices and you would like to make sure your music sounds great on any of them. 

At the end

We hope this article gave you some ideas on how to become a better music producer. The most important thing is to start and keep it simple. Take your time and work slowly. It takes some time to become good at this job, but it takes even more to become great. Be prepared for sacrifice and hard work and at the end you can expect to have a career in the musical industry and make a living thanks to your musical talent.

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