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Interview With MR.BLACK About Music Production (2018)

At the Czech Republic Air Festival W. A. Productions’ own Aneta made her way to Yaniv Biton, better known as MR.BLACK, and chatted about collaborations and of course his responses to our this vs. that round of quick questions.

Q: How are you?

Mr. Black: I’m really good, Thank You.

Q: I would like to speak with you about your music. First what is your current favorite EDM Genre?

Mr. Black: It’s a hard question, I have to say because I like everything that sounds good, that is well produced. From future to Psy to EDM, so I am a fan of everything that sounds really good to me.

Q: Which producer would you like to collaborate with?

Mr Black: To be honest I grew up with Tiesto so I think that is like my guru of EDM. So Tiesto is the one for me.

Q: What DAW are you using and why?

Mr. Black: I am working with Cubase. Since I started to produce and I think I am really used to Cubase.

For me I have a special set up with Que points, with the keyboard, I change all the programs. I’m so use to it, it feels like my hands.

Q: Tell me about your past, what was your first creation?

Mr. Black: I come from the PsyTrance scene, like before I started EDM I started with PsyTrance parties and then I moved a little to EDM and now those days the Psy the EDM combine together so now I think its the best moment.

Q: What about your future, what is your plan?

Mr. Black: To keep doing what I do, which is, I love producing music,party, and enjoy life.

Q: Do you think that the collaboration with the Reveal Label is something special?

Mr. Black: For sure, I really like the Reveal team, I think they support me a lot, I think they opened the door a little bit for me. I fell really close with this label

Q: How was your collaboration with KSHMR, is it simple or not?

Mr. Black: It was amazing. I met him in my studio, we had sent some ideas you know. I sent him some melodies, he sent some back and it was a very long and cool process until we finished the track.

Q: Massive or Serum?

Mr. Black: You always have very hard questions, I would choose Massive. Maybe because I am use to it.

Q: Nexus or Kontakt 5?

Mr. Black: Nexus 

Q: Mac or PC?

Mr. Black: Windows. 

Q: Headphones or Speakers?

Mr. Black: For sure speakers,speakers is to get the feelings, headphones is to check the small details. Its like once you have the diamond you just need to fix everything.

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