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The Best Free Vocal Chops, Shots, Phrases and A capella

Best Free Vocal Samples

If you want to spice up your track with a simple shout or make a statement with spoken word, we have selected the best resources for 100% royalty free vocal samples.

You won't be disappointed in the diversity we have found for you guys (and gals). Why waste all that time searching ? We’ve done all the searching and sorting for you to ensure you get the best FREE vocal samples that are out there.

We have found a massive selection of:

  • Male vocals
  • Male spoken word
  • Male shouts
  • Female vocals
  • Female spoken word
  • Female shouts
  • Ethnic vocals
  • Chants
  • Conversation
  • Announcements
  • And yes, even some seductive bedroom vocalizations.

We’ve got ya covered. So make room on your hard drive or cloud storage, it's time to let the downloading begin.


Get your fill of vocals without even leaving this site. Enjoy these freebies from your trusted audio sample pack providers here at W. A. Production. Simply click the link to be taken straight to the pack page. Complete with available audio preview, pack contents and download link.

Free Vocal Loops & Chops

Free EDM Vocal Bundle

Free EDM Vocal Shouts & Loops

Free Future Vocals & Presets

Free Tropical House Vocals 2


Female Vocals from Music Radar

Trap Vocal Chops from Angelic Vibes

Vocal Chants from Slooply

Sexy Whispers from 91 Vocals

Future Bass Vocal Drops from Prime Loops

Female Dubstep Vocals from Ghost Hack

Femme Fatale from Ghostcraft


Vocals & Phrasing from Sample Swap

This site offers everything from children's vocals, ethnic vocals, robotic, different accents, speak and spell, voice messaging prompts, transportation announcements, to some interesting bedroom voicing. Registration is required to download.

Vocal Phrases from Vocal Downloads

Royalty Free. Male and female vocals phrases with BPM and key listed.

Custom Vocals from Free Sound

Shouts, spoken word, sung phrases, male, female, this is a vast collection of vocal samples.

Royalty Free from The Library of Congress

The library of congress recently made a ton of “free to use” audio samples available. This ranges from speeches, conversations, and more. Search by genre, language, event, place and performer.


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