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Ultimate List of Free Music Production Courses

If you’re looking for the best free music production course, you came to the right place! We put together a list of the best free music production course where you can find one! Have a look at this list and learn something new which you may need to create your next banger!

If we missed any awesome free music production that you’d like to see on this list, let us know in the comments below!


Courses by W. A. Production

1. "How to EDM" YouTube Tutorials

This famous tutorial series will take you to the journey through the whole music production process. DAW templates, from which you can learn, are provided with each part. Led by artists such as Redhead Roman, Ryan Enzed and others.

2. Mastering: Deep & Future House (Demo) & Mastering: Electro & Progressive (Demo)

#1 edm mastering courses of 2016. Everything you ever needed to know about mastering EDM genres.

Other courses:

1. FL Studio 12 Course

If you are just starting out or just a new FL Studio 12 user, this course or playlist is best for you to learn how FL Studio operates. You’ll learn all the basic controls of FL Studio and increase your workflow of creating music in FL Studio 12. Furthermore, SeamlessR is listed as one of the power user of FL Studio and he is invited to give talks about FL Studio.

2. Ableton Live 9 Course

This 6-hour free course is brought to you by Sadowick Production. After this course, you will know Ableton Live 9 inside out and start to create your new banger without any doubt about the controls of the DAW itself.

3. Logic Pro X Course

Here you will find videos that cover everything about Logic Pro X.

4. Izotope Ozone 5 (Mastering) Course

Do you want to get your song ready to be played at all the music platforms out there? This course will provide you information on how to master your song using the famous industry standard mastering plugin, Izotope Ozone 5.

5. Music Production & Vocal Recording Technology

A course that teaches you how to enhance your music with vocal tracks and provides you techniques to improve your music.

6. Introduction to Music Theory

You will be introduced to all kind of music theories in this particular course.

7. Music Technology Foundation

In Music Technology Foundations, you’ll learn about the core principles of music technology, including sound, audio, MIDI, effects and sequencing.

8. Songwriting

This course is an invitation to let your inner songwriter step into the sunlight. This course will show you an efficient, effective process for tailoring songs to express your ideas and emotions.

9. Developing Your Musicianship

Taught by Berklee College of Music professor George W. Russell, Jr., the course includes six lessons that delve into harmony and ear training-two areas of intensive focus for every entering Berklee student.

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